Toppers Pizza Menu and Prices

About Toppers Pizza: Toppers Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain with more than 70 locations in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin. Most of Toppers Pizza chain stores remain open until 3:00 am or later based on different situations.

Below is a list of the latest Toppers Pizza prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Toppers Pizza Menu

Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$8.99MyZa
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)$9.99MyZa
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$12.99Medium
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)$13.99Medium
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$14.99Large
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)$15.99Large
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed Crust)$16.99Party
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MaZa
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Mac 'n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Mac 'n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Mac 'n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Mac 'n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Mac 'n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Mac 'n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Mac 'n Cheese (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Big Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
El Cubano (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$9.99MyZa
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)$10.99MyZa
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$15.99Medium
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)$16.99Medium
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)$18.99Large
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)$19.99Large
California Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)$21.99Party
Original Topperstix or Cinnamonstix$7.49Single
Original Topperstix or Cinnamonstix$12.99Triple
Baconstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix or Chocolate Baconstix$8.49Single
Baconstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix or Chocolate Baconstix$13.99Triple
Flavors: Oven Roasted, Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Smoky BBQ Buffalo, Sweet Chili Buffalo or Parmesan Garlic Buffalo Wings
Wings$9.9910 Pc.
Wings$13.9915 Pc.
Wings$19.9925 Pc.
Boneless Wings
Flavors: Oven Roasted, Mild, Hot, Smoky BBQ, Sweet Chili or Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings
Boneless Wings$9.991/2 lb.
Boneless Wings$13.991 lb.
Boneless Wings$19.991 1/2 lb.
Dasani Water$1.9920 oz. Bottle
Soft Drink$1.9920 oz. Bottle
Soft Drink$2.992 Liter Bottle
Dippin' Sauces
Flavors: Nacho Cheese, Ranch, Smoky BBQ, Chipotle Ranch, Garlic Butter, Salsa, Sour Cream, Sweet Chili, Bleu Cheese, Hot Buffalo, Mild Buffalo, Marinara, Bacon Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Chocolate Frosting or Vanilla Frosting
Dippin' Sauce$0.79

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