The Salty Wave Menu and Prices

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  • Cuisine: Seafood

Below is a list of the latest The Salty Wave prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

The Salty Wave Menu

Crab Dip$7.99
Coconut Shrimp$9.99
Clam Strips$3.99
Chicken Wings (10)$9.99
Boneless Chicken Wings$7.99
Add chicken $4.99
Spring Garden Salad$3.99 - $7.99Mixed greens, iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers with our own salty wave vinaigrette.
Shrimp Salad$6.99
Seared Tuna$6.99
Maryland Crab Soup$6.99 - $18.99Jumbo pieces of Maryland blue crab in a rich, cream base.
Cream of Crab Soup$8.99 - $22.99Traditional tomato and vegetable based soup with hunks of fresh MD Blue Crab meat.
Steamed Seafood
King Crab Legs 1/2 lb$9.99
Snow Crab Legs 1/2 lb$6.99
Clams (50)$25.99
Clams (12)$8.99
Mussels 1/2 Lb 
Spiced Crabs 
Spiced Shrimp 
Sandwiches or Baskets
Served with hand cut french fries
Shrimp Salad$8.99Our signature shrimp simply mixed with celery, onion, seasonings, and just the right amount of mayo. Served on a bun.
Crab Cake$10.99The Maryland classic crab cake comes to delaware – on a bun with lettuce and tomato.
Seared Tuna Taco$9.99
Soft Shell Crab Lightly seasoned and breaded, crispy fried softshell crab on a roll.
Fried Fish$9.99A traditional New England style fried cod fish sandwich with lettuce and tomato.
Fried Shrimp$10.99Hand peeled, fresh fried shrimp with our homemade cocktail sauce.
Fried Scallops$10.99
Fried Oysters$9.99Oysters lightly-breaded, and fried to crispy perfection.
Fried Clam Strips$7.99Lightly breaded, crispy fried clam strips.
Eastern Shore Sampler$12.99Fried shrimp, fried clams, fried oysters, and hush puppies.
Handmade Burger$7.99
Chesapeake Burger$11.99
Homemade Sides
Hand Cut French Fries$2.49
Sweet Potato Fries$4.49
Steamed Green Beans$2.49Simply steamed, fresh green beans.
Hush Puppies$2.49Homemade sweet bites with a hint of onion sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Coleslaw$2.49A creamy, crunchy classic that goes great with seafood.
Potato Salad$2.49Potato salad just like grandma used to make, only better.
Corn on the Cob$2.49Sweet, lightly buttered corn on the cob.

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