Sonoma Chocolatiers & Infusions Teahouse Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest Sonoma Chocolatiers & Infusions Teahouse prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Sonoma Chocolatiers & Infusions Teahouse Menu

Herbal Tisanes
Organic Citrus Earl$3.95Aromatic citrus and lavender, with red rooibos with a touch of bergamot.
Organic Ginger Lime$3.35A blend with a unique citrus flavor and notes of spices and ginger.
Organic Guayusa$3.25A biological relative to yerba maté, with a bit more caffeine, a pleasant floral flavor, and without the bitterness often found in mate
Organic Hazelnut Honeybush$3.35Naturally sweet honeybush with the light, nuttiness of hazelnut.
Organic Hibiscus Blend$4.40Gourmet blend of hibiscus, currants, rosehips, honey bush, blueberries, cherries, orange peel, cranberries and passion fruit & mango oil.
Organic Holy Lemon Blossom House Blend$4.30A local favorite, a blend of Holy basil (tulsi), lemongrass and tea blossoms.
Organic Minty Blend$4.45A blend of soothing peppermint, licorice root and spices—aromatic with a spicy, sweet finish to promote relaxation and focus.
Organic Peppermint$3.05An aromatic mint. Calming and soothing. A great digestive aid.
Organic Rooibos$3.05An earthy tea that is smooth and mellow, widely renowned for its full flavor and mouthfeel.
Organic Rooibos Downunder$3.45Red rooibos blended with lemon myrtle for a citrusy finish to richness of rooibos
Organic Shizandra Berries$4.00A unique tea that is simultaneously sour, bitter, sweet, acrid and salty, called wu wei zi in china.
Organic Tulsi Flowers$4.45The blossoms of holy basil—sweeter and smoother than tulsi leaves; grown locally.
Organic Yerba Mate$3.25A highly caffeinated, somewhat sweet, bitter and vegetal elixir traditionally drank across south america for its uniquely stimulating properties.
White Teas
Least processed of all teas, prized for their delicate flavors, subtle fruitiness and smooth mouthfeel.
Organic Ancient Lancang$7.35Exceptionally smooth and complex white tea from ancient trees in yunnan.
Organic Jasmine Silver Needle$12.95Fine silver needle tea infused with night-­-blooming jasmine flowers for at least 10 days. This is a subtle tea—slightly sweet, clear liquor and soothing aroma.
Organic Silver Needle$12.95Harvesting only the youngest buds from the 1st flush, this premium tea produces a clear infusion with a mysterious sweet fragrance and umami finish.
Organic White Lavender$3.75A soft, light, smooth infusion. A mellow cup with the aroma of fragrant lavender.
Organic White Peony$3.95tea with a herbaceous. Bamboo fragrance and subtle nutty taste, with a savory finish.
Traditional mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs, a perfect candidate for a tea latte.For a latte, add $1.25 for organic cow milk or $1.35 for organic alternative milk (oat, almond, soy or rice)
Organic House Chai$3.95InfusionÂ’s own traditional blend of fresh herbs, slow brewed in house, with assam tea.
Organic Black Chai$3.95This chai fuses a complex assam black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and anise.
Organic Herbal Chai$3.35Made with caffeine-­-free rooibos, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom for a mildly spiced chai.
Organic Sweet Spice Chai$4.05Our most popular herbal chai, with sweet cinnamon, licorice and aromatic cardamom.
Green Teas
Chinese, indian and sri lankan green teas are roasted, with a slightly nutty flavor. Japanese green teas are steamed and have a lighter, sweeter, more vegetal or grassy flavor.
Organic Ancient Forest$6.30Harvested from ancient tea trees that tower 70 over head and are over 750 years old. This brew brings sweet, peach tones and deep vegetal notes.
Organic Ceylon Green$3.95Exceptionally smooth and light with a floral sweetness you will find in but a handful of teas.
Organic Dragon Well$6.65Chestnut aroma and unique bittersweet finish.
Organic Green Jade$4.40Buttery texture, mellow taste and vegetative aroma
Organic Green Tea Mint$3.60Soothing blend of green tea and aromatic mint
Organic Indian Green$3.25Unique sweetness, and a robust, full-­-bodied liquor, with smooth finish.
Organic Jasmine Pearl$12.95A sweet and aromatic jasmine in a delicate tea.
Organic Mao Feng$4.95Superior grade china green tea with a pronounced fruity-­-nutty flavor and aroma of roasted chestnuts.
Organic Bancha$3.95A Japanese green tea intended for everyday drinking—slightly sweet, characteristic flavor.
Organic Buried Bancha$5.95After processing, this tea is buried in ceramic urns for about a year to give a beautiful dark leaf and a very smooth, mellow, buttery and earthy infusion.
Organic Genmaicha$5.85Surprising aroma and unusual toasted, buttery taste.
Organic Karigane$8.30Very high in antioxidants and theanine. Exceptionally smooth, light, fresh and buttery.
Organic Matcha$4.95A brilliantly green cup with a smooth grassy taste, loaded with antioxidants
Organic Sencha Special$5.20Everyday Japanese tea. A fresh and crisp character, with a grassy aroma and a delicate, refreshing taste.
Oolong Teas
Organic Gaba Oolong$10.95A light, sweet and slightly green Oolong with strong peach notes in a medium amber cup.
Organic Ginseng Oolong$8.55The leaves are rolled in ginseng powder, providing a sweet, yet peppery, and subtly earthy ginseng finish
Organic Ginger Peach Oolong$5.20Ginger root and juicy peach pieces create a superbly refreshing flavor. This 70%-­-oxidized oolong gives this teahouse favorite a uniquely round body with a long smooth finish
Organic Golden Lily Oolong$8.55Naturally floral overtones, buttery smooth and pleasantly nutty. A teahouse favorite.
Organic Kali Cha$4.95A dark cup, with a sweet roasted taste and rich, full notes of cocoa.
Organic Orange Blossom$5.10Organic orange peel and calendula petals provide a slightly citrusy, delightfully mild tea.
Organic Milky Oolong$9.55Smoothness beyond belief, this tea is bursting with stone fruits and cream, all from the terroir of this unique oolong.
Organic Wuyi Oolong$5.85A smooth, robust and toasty oolong, with very little astringency.
Pu-­erh Teas
All our teas can be steeped at least 3 times. Many up to 6-­8 times. So we serve the tea in individual pots. Extra cup $1.50.
Organic Golden Tip Pu-­-erh$3.35Robust, earthy flavor with classic smokiness of pu-­- erh; a great introduction to the style.
Organic Mini Pu-­-erh Tuo Cha$6.35A rich, earthy flavor and fragrance with mellow sweetness.
Organic Chocolate Pu-­-erh$5.30Classic rich, earthy flavors of pu-­-erh, infused with chocolate and chocolate nibs. Makes a fabulous latte.
Organic Orange Ginger Pu-­-Erh$5.10This exceptional tea blendeds a rich, earthy Pu-­-erh with zesty orange peel and ginger, resulting in a grounding, soothing brew.
Black Tea
Organic Assam$3.50A full-­-bodied amber tea with a sweet fruit aroma and a malty flavor.
Organic Black Coconut$3.95An incredible aroma, and robust body, with a taste to rival any dessert.
Organic Black Nectar$3.25The delectable sweetness of peach and black tea— fruity and flavorful.
Organic Blood Orange Black$4.55Blended exclusively for Infusions, high-­-quality assam with organic orange and organic blood orange oil.
Organic China Breakfast$3.75From ancient tea trees of yunnan, with slight caramel and spice tones.
Organic Darjeeling 1st Flush$4.25The mildest of the darjeelings, with a nutty note, yet delicate.
Organic Darjeeling Autumnal$3.75Picked in the fall, this tea produces an deep amber infusion with a full bodied, malty infusion.
Organic Earl Grey$4.80A tasty balance of medium bodied tea with a superb citrus aroma.
Organic English Breakfast$3.25A crisp and robust blend that holds up well to milk and sugar.
Organic Golden Monkey$10.15An exquisite, naturally-­-fruity black tea. Like many first-­-picked teas, this one is about as smooth a black tea as you’ll find, with a buttery texture.
Organic Golden Yunnan$4.95A deep red infusion and rich body with molasses sweetness and malty finish
Organic Gong Fu$7.20A deep red infusion and rich body with molasses sweetness and malty finish.
Organic Mango Ceylon$3.25Sweet aromatic mango and bold, Indian black tea make a refreshing cup.
Tea Sampler
Pick 3 teas to taste side by side $12.95 per person
Tea Latte$1.25Frothed with your choice of milk. Organic whole or 2% cow milk.
Tea Latte with Organic Rice, Soy, Oat & almond$1.35
Tea Lemonade Exceptionally refreshing see our list for suggested tea lemonades.
Bubble Tea$1.50Large black tapioca pearls
Mocha Tea$1.95With creamy cocoa
Iced Tea$0.60Chilled in a tall cup of ice.
Specialty Drinks
Make your own: Create your own blend for the ultimate personal drink. Cost is the highest priced tea.
Matcha Latte$6.25Powdered premium Japanese green tea, matcha, served with steamed milk and lightly sweetened to make a perfect drink.
Mate Latte$4.45The traditional south american yerba mate, prepared with steamed milk.
Chocolate Drinks, Hot or Cold
European style Sipping Chocolate$5.65Straight chocolate or spicy almond
Ginger Cardamom Hot Cocoa$4.15
Classic Hot Cocoa$3.55
Peppermint Hot Cocoa$3.85Add milk cost: cow $1.25, alternative $1.35

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