Sera's Latin Cafe Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest Sera's Latin Cafe prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Sera's Latin Cafe Menu

Dos Huevos Fritos O Revueltos$3.992 eggs with ham, sausage or bacon
El Mezclado Jamon Y Huevo Mixto$4.402 scrambled eggs with ham, toast & coffee
Dos Huevos Rancheros$5.502 ranch eggs
Bistec A Caballo Con Dos Huevos$7.99"the big one" 8oz steak with 2 eggs, toast, coffee with milk
Pan Con Tortilla$3.99bread and an omelet
Café Con Leche Con Tostada$2.45coffee with milk and cuban toast
Tostada$1.00cuban toast
Tostada Con Queso O Queso Creama$2.00toast with cheese or cream cheese
Café Con Leche$1.45coffee with milk
Café Cubano$0.80cuban coffee
Chocolate Caliente O Frio$2.00hot or cold chocolate
Tortillas $5.99
Tortilla De Jamon, Papa y Cebolla ham omelet, potatoes & onions
Chorizo, Papa y Cebolla sausage omelet, potatoes & onions
Queso, Papa y Cebolla cheese omelet, potatoes & onions
Maduro, Papa y Cebolla plantain omelet, potatoes & onions
Ordenes Separadas $1.60
Side Orders
Ham jamon
Hash Brown 
Papas Fritas french fries
Salchicha sausage
Tocino bacon
Sera's Combo$9.952 ham croquets, a tamal and bite size pork
Queso Frito$6.95fried cheese
Frituras De Bacalao$6.95fried cod
Chicharon De Casa$4.99
Alitas De Pollo Picante$7.99spicy chicken wings
Ensalada De Pollo$6.25chicken salad with lettuce and tomatoes
Ensalada De Pollo Con Caesar$7.50chicken caesar salad
Lechuga Y Tomates$2.95lettuce & tomato
Caesar Salad$2.25
Ensalada De Tuna$7.50tuna salad
Sera's Burger con papas fritas. with french fries. mix of pork and beef
Pan Con Bistek$5.50steak sandwich. steak sandwich grilled with onions, fries & garnished with lettuce & tomatoes in cuban bread; any extra add. charge
Cubano Regular$5.20regular cuban sandwich. ham, cheese, pork, pickles & mustard on cuban bread
Media Noche$5.25midnight sandwich.
Pan Con Lechon$6.00pork sandwich. grilled pork with onions and a touch of garlic served on cuban bread
Sandwich De Pavo$4.99turkey sandwich. served on white wheat or cuban bread
Sandwich De Pollo$5.99chicken sandwich. chicken breast served with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo on our cuban bread
Sandwich De Tuna$5.50tuna sandwich. homemade fresh tuna salad with white bread
Croqueta Preparada$5.50croquette sandwich. ham, swiss cheese and croquettes prepares in cuban bread
Tamal Preparado$4.75tamal served with ham, swiss cheese and pickles
Sides. For You Selection Of Up To Two Side Dishes Of:
Arroz Blanco white rice
Frijoles Negros black beans
Maduros plantains
Yucca Hervida boiled cassava
Pure De Papas mashed potatoes
Papas Fritas french fries
Tostones deep fried mashed green plantains
Ensalada O Vegetales salads or vegetables
Bistec De Palomilla$7.99top sirloin
Empanizado De Res$9.50breaded steak
Milanesa De Res$8.99steak milanesa
Churrasco$10.50grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce
Filetillo Salteado De Res$8.25steak strips. sautéed onions & green peppers
Vaca Frita$8.50fried shredded beef
Riñonada$10.99shell steak
Higado A La Italiana$8.20liver strips. sautéed with onions and green peppers.
Bistec De Higado Encebollado$7.99beef liver steak. sautéed with onions.
Picadillo Criollo$6.99ground beef
Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha$8.25grilled chicken breast
Pechuga De Pollo Empanizada$8.99breaded chicken breast
Empanizado De Polla A La Milanesa$9.99breaded chicken milanese
Filetillo De Pollo$7.60chicken strips
Chicharron De Pollo$7.50chicken fried bite size
Costilletas Sera's$7.99sera's ribs
Bistec De Puerco$7.99pork steak
Chuleta De Puerco$8.99pork chop
Masas De Puerco$8.50pork bite size
Chuleta Ahumadas$8.99smoke pork chop
Mofongo Relleno O' Fufu' Relleno
Relleno De Filetillo De Res$10.95filled with beef
Relleno De Filetillo De Pollo$9.95filled with chicken
Relleno De Churrasco$13.95filled with skirt steak
Relleno De Masa De Puerco$9.95filled with pork
Relleno De Picadillo$8.25filled with ground beef
Relleno De Camaron Al Ajillo$12.95filled with garlic shrimp
Postres $3
Flan De Coco 
Flan De Leche 
Tres Leche 
Arroz Con Leche 
Batidos$2.50milk shakes
Bottled Water$1.00
Jugos De Frutas fruit juice
Cervezas beer imported/national
Vinos De La Casa 
Sangria Pitcher$12.00 - $17.99

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