Nimbooda Menu and Prices

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Below is a list of the latest Nimbooda prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Nimbooda Menu

Appetizers - Vegetarian
Papaoum$2.95Lentil crackers
Samosa$5.95Cumin flavored potatoes and peas wrapped in a flaky pasty, served hot and fresh with tamarind and mint sauce.
Samosa Chaat$5.95Mix of samosa and chana masala topped with chopped onion, tamarind, chutney and yogurt
Onion Bhujia$5.95Diced onion fried chickpea batter
Bhel Puri$5.95Savoury puffed rice, dried vegetables and chutney
Aloo Papri$5.95Potatoes, chickpeas and crispy wafers mixed with chutneys
Cauliflower Manchurian$7.95Caulifloower tossed in a spicy and sweet chutney
Crispy Okra$7.95Freshly sliced okra lightly fried seasoned, mixed with diced onion, tomato and cilantro
Eggplant Chaat$7.95Crispy spiced baby eggplant with yogurt, tamarind & red onion
Achari Tandoori Mushroom$6.95Marinated with pickled spices
Paneer Tikka$7.95Marinated paneer from the tandoor
Vegetable Platter$7.95Assorted marinated fresh vegetables and paneer
Appetizers - Showa
Rasam$5.95Lentils, tomato, tamarind and seasonings with cumin, chillic pepper
Lentil$5.95Our homemade special simple yet perfect, pureed lentils, onion, carrots, potato, pepperoncini.
Chicken$5.95A traditional lentil based curried soup served with chicken.
Tomato Basil$5.95Fresh tomato puree and spices
Appetizers - Non Vegetarian
Chicken Tikka$7.95Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and yogurt
Chicken Malai Kebab$7.95Chicken cutlets marinated in cream cheese
Chicken Manchurian$8.95Tossed in a spicy and sweet chutney
Barrah Kebab$8.95Minced lamb grilled on a skeweer
Fish Tikka$8.95Fish marinated in ginger, garlic & yogurt
Combination Platter$13.95Chicken malai kebab, chicken tikka, barrah kebab and fish tikka
Salmon Crab Cake$8.95South indian style ginger, curry leaf, mustard seeds, peppers and deep fried
Entree - Seafood
Shrimp Curry$15.95Prepared in an authentic sauce and flavor.
Balchau Shrimp$15.95Shrimp cook with tomatoes, onion, curry leaf, mustard seeds
Goan Salmon$15.95Salmon cooked in coconut curry
Lobster Curry$15.95Lobster simmered in spiced of ginger, garlic, green chilli, tomato, coconut, lemon and curry leaf
Malabar Salmon$15.95Mustard Leaves Curry
Crab Curry$15.95Crab with black peppercorn, red chillies, mastard seeds & coconut
Hyderabadi Fish$15.95Tilapia marinated with spices in an almond sauce
Entre - Vegetarian
Dal Makhani$10.95Black lentil and kidney beans slowly simmered together with tomatoes, onion, ginger and garlic
Dal Tadka$10.95Yellow lentil simmered with ginger, garlic & cumin power
Bhindi MAsala$10.95Pieces of fresh okra simmered with diced onion, tomatoes, ginger and mildly spiecd
Aloo Gobi$11.95Potatoes and cauliflower with cumin and spices
Chana Saag$10.95Chick peas with fresh spinach
Baigan Bhartha$10.95Roasted eggplant with onions & ppeas
Vegetable Jalfrazie$10.95Assorted vegetables in a tomato based sauce
Navrattan Korma$11.95Mixed vegetables in a creamy sauce
Malai Kofta$11.95Mixed veg & paneer dumpling in a vegetable curry
Chana Masala$10.95Homestyle Chickpeas
Matar Mushroom$10.95Peas & mushroom Curry
Saag Paneer$11.95Cheese with fresh spinach
Paneer Bhurjee$11.95Shredded paneer cooked with tomates, onions and peppers
Paneer Tikki Masala$13.95Diced paneer in tomato yogurt curry
Kadai Paneer$13.95Paneer cooked in red gravy with freshly ground spices capsicum and fresh onion
Matter Paneer$11.95Fresh homemade cheese cubes sauteed green peas and mild spices
Corn Saag$10.95Fresh sweet corn cook with spinach
Sides & Drinks - Rice
Quinoa Pallow$4.95Fresh boiled quinoa
Basmati Rice$3.95
Basmati Brown Rice$3.95Fresh boiled brown rice
Flavored Rice$4.95Choice of tomato, coconut, mint, lime, zeera or kashmiri rice
Lamb or Shrimp Biryani$14.95Long grains basmati rice cooked with cubes of lamb or shrimp
Chicken or Vegetable Biryani$12.95Long grains basmati rice cooked with cubes of chicken or vegetable
Sides & Drinks - Bread
Plain Naan$2.95A leavened flat-bread made with flour is baked fresh in tandoor
Garlic Naan$3.95Naan topped with fresh garlic and cilantro
Onion Naan$3.95A leavened bread stuffed with finely chopped onion
Kandhari Naan$3.95Naan stuffed with pistachios, raisins & almond
Keema Naan$3.95Stuffed with tender minced lamb
Cheese Naan$3.95Stuffed with fresh cottage cheese
Roti$2.95Classic whole wheat baked in tandoori oven
Poori$3.95Whole wheat deep fried puffed bread
Lachha Paratha$3.95Whole wheat multi layered bread baked in tandoori oven
Mint Paratha$3.95Whole wheat multi-layered bread is stuffed with ground, mint leaves & baked for a divine taste
Aloo Paratha$3.95Mashed potatoes stuffed into whole wheat bread baked to perfection
Bread Basket$11.95Plain, garlic, onion, kandhari
Sides & Drinks - Side
Raita$4.95Yogurt with onions, tomatoes and carrots
Mixed Pickle$3.95
Mango Chutney$3.95
House Salad$5.95Fresh spring mix tossed with sliced carrots, cucumber, onion and tomatoes, served with house dressing

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