Nao Cuban Restaurant Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest Nao Cuban Restaurant prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Nao Cuban Restaurant Menu

Croquetas De Queso Azul$5.95blue cheese croquettes
Los Tostones De Nao$6.95stuffed plantains with ropa vieja and shrimp
Calamares Fritos Con Alioli$6.95fried calamari with aioli sauce
Sopa Del Dia$3.95soup of the day
Crema De Queso A Mi Manera$6.95with roquefort and glazed dates
Tabla De Serrano Y Quesos$9.95serrano ham and cheese platter
Mami's Frituritas$5.95malanga fritters with honey
Ensalada De Espinacas Y Queso Frito$7.95baby spinach salad with fried cheese and raspberry dressing
Huevos Rotos Con Serrano$6.95two fried eggs over serrano ham and confit potatoes
Tamal En Hoja Con Lechon$5.95homemade corn tamale with pork
Garbanzos Fritos$6.95sauteed chickpeas with chorizo and ham
1/2 Pollo Asado Con Mojo$11.95oven roasted half chicken with creole sauce.
Pechuga De Pollo Grille$10.95grilled chicken breast with veggies.
Ropa Vieja Habana$12.95shredded beef in tomato sauce.
Vaca Frita$12.95stir fried beef with onions, garlic and a squeeze of lemon.
Lechon Asado A La Criolla$12.95creole style roasted pork.
Masitas De Cerdo$12.95marinated fried pork chunks.
Grilled Salmon$16.95salmon filet with almendrina sauce.
Pescado Entero Frito$14.95fried catch of the day.
Pulpo A La Parrilla$14.95grilled octopus.
Cordero A Las Finas Hierbas$14.95roasted lamb with fine herbs.
Sandwiches $7.95
Club Havana Sandwich our version of a cuban sandwich. ham, cheese, roasted pork, pickles and plantains
Media Noche Sandwich ham, cheese and soft bread
Croissant Habanero Sandwich vaca frita, sweet plantains and swiss cheese
Pepito Sandwich palomilla steak, lettuce, onions, swiss cheese and french bread
Extra Sides $3
White Rice 
Black Beans 
Maduros plantains
Yuca Con Mojo 
Side Salad 
French Fries 
Lunch Specials $9.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu Lunch Special chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese
Palomilla Calle Obispo Lunch Special thin cut top round steak with sauteed onions
Filete De Pescado Empanado Lunch Special breaded fish filet
Filete De Pescado Montetoro Lunch Special fish filet stuffed with ham and cheese
Lomo Ahumado Con Salsa De Frutas Lunch Special smoked pork chop with fruit glaze
Pechuga De Pollo Al Grill Con Vegetables Lunch Special grilled chicken breast with veggies
Vaca Frita Lunch Special stir fried beef with onions, garlic and a squeeze of lemon
Filet A La Dutch Lunch Special tender strips of beef sauteed with onions and mushrooms
Flan De La Abuela$5.00homemade caramel flan
Soda$1.50sprite, diet coke, malta, materva, fanta, coke
Orange Juice$3.50
San Pellegrino Water$2.00
Big Aqua Panna$4.00

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