Little Box Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest Little Box prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Little Box Menu

Hot Pot$12.99with one meat of your choice
Hot Pot$4.00extra side order: chicken wings
Hot Pot$5.00extra side order: lamb, beef, fish slice
Little Box Noodle/Rice$6.00stir fried potatoes with chopped pork over noodles / rice. the topping is spicy
Special Recommendation
Hot Chili Fish$8.99
Hot Sour Noodle$5.00
Little Box BBQ
Little Hot Pot$5.00Includes Dried Tofu Skin, Potatoes, Cabbage, Rice Fried Tofu, Cube & Shanghai Cabbage
Little Hot Pot$1.50Toppings: Chicken Wings
Little Hot Pot$1.75Toppings: Beef Slices
Little Hot Pot$2.00Toppings: Lamb Slices
Little Hot Pot$2.50Toppings: Fish Tofu, Fish Ball, Fish Slice
Little Box Special Drinks
All Drinks Contain No Alcohol Buy An Entree, Add $2.50 For Any Drinks
Mango Milk Shake$4.50
Mr. Mango$4.00
Passion Fruit Martini$4.00
Winter Melon With Cloud$4.50

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