Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Menu and Prices

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  • Cuisine: Chicken
About Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken: Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken is a casual dining franchise founded in 1966. It features chicken, homestyle sides and biscuits. Homestyle sides include mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, macaroni & cheese, cole slaw as well as potato salad, which help turn a family meal into a family event.

Below is a list of the latest Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken Menu

Classic Chicken
Famous Recipe, Crispy Spicy & Oven Roast. Snack Includes Chicken & Biscuit. Meal Includes Coleslaw, Whipped Potatoes with Gravy & Biscuit.
Leg & Thigh - Snack$3.992 Pc.
Leg & Thigh - Meal$5.492 Pc.
Breast & Wing - Snack$4.792 Pc.
Breast & Wing - Meal$6.392 Pc.
Leg, Thigh & Wing - Snack$4.993 Pc.
Leg, Thigh & Wing - Meal$6.593 Pc.
Breast, Thigh & Leg - Snack$5.993 Pc.
Breast, Thigh & Leg - Meal$7.593 Pc.
Breast - Snack$3.69
Breast - Meal$5.29
Wings - Snack$4.193 Pc.
Wings - Meal$5.793 Pc.
Wings - Snack$6.295 Pc.
Wings - Meal$7.895 Pc.
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Snack$0.99
BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Meal$2.99
Low Carb - Meal$5.49
Country Fried Steak - Meal$5.99
Chicken Pot Pie - Snack$4.99
Jumbo Breast Strips
Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)$11.698 Pc.
Family Strips - Meal (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)$17.298 Pc.
Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)$15.2912 Pc.
Family Strips - Meal (With 3 Sides & 6 Biscuits)$22.2912 Pc.
Family Strips - Box (With Biscuits)$19.9916 Pc.
Family Strips - Meal (With 4 Sides & 8 Biscuits)$29.9916 Pc.
Individual Strips - Snack$4.293 Pc.
Individual Strips - Meal$6.293 Pc.
Individual Strips - Snack$6.695 Pc.
Individual Strips - Meal$8.695 Pc.
Leg & Thigh (With 1 Side)$5.692 Pc.
Leg & Thigh (With 2 Sides)$6.692 Pc.
Livers & Gizzards (With 1 Side)$5.89
Livers & Gizzards (With 2 Sides)$6.99
Jumbo Boneless Dippers (With 1 Side)$6.49
Jumbo Boneless Dippers (With 2 Sides)$7.69
Jumbo Strips (With 1 Side)$6.593 Pc.
Jumbo Strips (With 2 Sides)$7.593 Pc.
Leg, Thigh & Wing (With 1 Side)$6.993 Pc.
Leg, Thigh & Wing (With 2 Sides)$7.993 Pc.
Jumbo Strips (With 1 Side)$8.895 Pc.
Jumbo Strips (With 2 Sides)$9.795 Pc.
Wings (With 1 Side)$6.193 Pc.
Wings (With 2 Sides)$7.193 Pc.
Country Fried Steak (With 1 Side)$6.19
Country Fried Steak (With 2 Sides)$7.19
Family Meals
Mixed - Box$11.998 Pc.
Mixed - Meal (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)$17.998 Pc.
Mixed - Box$16.9912 Pc.
Mixed - Meal (With 3 Sides & 6 Biscuits)$26.9912 Pc.
Mixed - Box$21.9916 Pc.
Mixed - Meal (With 4 Sides & 8 Biscuits)$32.9916 Pc.
Mixed - Box$24.9920 Pc.
Mixed - Meal (With 5 Sides & 10 Biscuits)$38.9920 Pc.
Dark Chicken - Box$9.6910 Pc.
Dark Chicken - Meal (With 2 Sides & 5 Biscuits)$17.4910 Pc.
Flock Of Wings - Box$11.9912 Pc.
Flock Of Wings - Meal (2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)$18.4912 Pc.
Spicy Jumbo Dippers$3.69Regular Cup
Spicy Jumbo Dippers$5.39Medium Cup
Spicy Jumbo Dippers$6.99Large Cup
Spicy Jumbo Dippers$6.49Individual Meal
Spicy Jumbo Dippers$14.99Box
Spicy Jumbo Dippers (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)$19.99Family Meal
Livers & Gizzards$3.79Regular
Livers & Gizzards$5.29Large
Livers & Gizzards$5.99Meal
Shrimp$6.29Individual Meal
Shrimp (With 2 Sides & 4 Biscuits)$18.49Family Meal
Classic Sides
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.59Individual
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$3.69Large
Green Beans$1.59Individual
Green Beans$3.69Large
Bakes Beans$1.59Individual
Bakes Beans$3.69Large
Cajun Rice$1.59Individual
Cajun Rice$3.69Large
Broccoli Pasta Salad$1.59Individual
Broccoli Pasta Salad$3.69Large
Potato Salad$1.59Individual
Potato Salad$3.69Large
Potato Wedges$1.59Individual
Potato Wedges$3.69Large
Corn on the Cob .20 sub.$1.59Individual
Corn on the Cob .20 sub.$3.69Large
Biscuit$0.591 Pc.
Biscuit$3.496 Pc.
Corn on the Cob$1.791 Pc.
Corn on the Cob$4.993 Pc.
Jalapeno Peppers$0.251 Pc.
Jalapeno Peppers$0.995 Pc.
Fried Pickles$1.493 Pc.
Fried Pickles$2.896 Pc.
Fried Pickles$3.999 Pc.
Jumbo Breast Strips - Party Tray$29.9925 Pc.
Spicy Jumbo Dippers - Party Tray$29.9950 Pc.
Classic Sides$9.991/2 Gallon
Classic Sides$17.991 Gallon
Kids Meals
Includes 1 Side, Biscuit & Small Drink
Strips$3.992 Pc.
Chicken Leg$3.49
Assorted Desserts$1.49
Apple Turnover$0.992 Pc.
Soft Drink$1.59Regular
Soft Drink$1.79Large
Iced Tea$1.59Regular
Iced Tea$1.79Large
Iced Tea$3.691 Gallon
Dasani Water$1.29Bottle
Vitamin Water$1.79Bottle
5 Jumbo Breast Strip Meal (2 Individual Sides & Biscuit)$6.495 Pc.
Famous Chicken Pot Pie$4.99

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