Kyoto Bowl Menu and Prices

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  • Cuisine: Japanese
About Kyoto Bowl: Kyoto Bowl strives for providing quick and clean, fresh and healthy Japanese/Oriental cuisine for all the customers. They only choose the freshest ingredients available to invite people to go into their clean and bright environment to have a good dinner time. Our unique Japanese dishes are healthy, flavorful and made to order from recipes developed by the Chius family, ensuring tradition and authenticity.

Below is a list of the latest Kyoto Bowl prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Kyoto Bowl Menu

Upsized combo available for extra.
Teriyaki Chicken 
Hot & Spicy Beef 
Salmon Teriyaki with Vegetables 
House Chicken 
Green Salad & Drink 
Spring Roll & Drink 
Chicken Fried Rice 
Yakisoba Bowl 
Chicken Bowls
Regular and Large
Teriyaki Chicken 
House Chicken 
Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables 
Hot & Spicy Chicken 
Oyako Bowl 
Spicy Teriyaki Chicken 
Sweet & Sour Chicken 
Chicken Fried Rice 
Orange Chicken 
Safood Bowls
Shrimp Fried Rice 
Teriyaki Salmon with Vegetables 
Teriyaki Shrimp with Broccoli 
Beef and Other Bowls
Regular and Large
Teriyaki Beef 
Spicy Teriyaki Beef 
Teriyaki Beef with Vegetables 
Vegetable Bowl 
Sukiyaki Beef 
Yakisoba Bowl 
Hot & Spicy Beef 
Sushi Selection
California Rolls 2 pcs, 4 pcs
Salmon Nigiri-Sushi 2 pcs
Sushi 3 pcs
Tuna Nigiri-Sushi 2 pcs
Tuna Roll 6 pcs
Fish Sushi Set 6 pcs
Shrimp Nigiri-Sushi 2 pcs)
Salad Selection
Side Salad 
Garden Salad 
Cucumber Salad (Sunomono) 
Tofu Salad 
Chicken Salad 
Side Dishes
Egg Roll 
Veggie Egg Roll 
Side Vegetables 
Shumai 4 pcs
Miso Soup 
Crab Puffs 4 pcs
Chicken Strips 
Side Rice sill, med, Ig
Spring Roll 
Soy Beans (Edamame) 
Shrimp Yakitori 
Japanese Dumplings 5 pcs
Fortune Cookies 6 pcs
Apple Bite 
Pepsi Cola 
Dr. Slice 
Lemon-Lime Slice 
Iced Tea 
Diet Pepsi 
Mt. Dew 
Root Beer 
Dr. Pepper 
Japanese Green Tea 
Bottled Water 
Ocean Spray Juices (assorted flavors) 
Junior Combos
Junior Teriyaki Chicken 
Junior Teri'yaki White Meat Chicken 
3 Piece Chicken Strips 
Party Platters
Party Platters 

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