Hungry Howie's Pizza Menu and Prices

About Hungry Howie's Pizza: Hungry Howie's Pizza is the 11th largest pizza chain in the United States founded in 1973. It features various pizza, BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, philly cheese, howie special, gluten-free dishes and so on. Other items include calzones, howie bread, fresh salads, howie wings, howie rolls and various drinks.

Below is a list of the latest Hungry Howie's Pizza prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Hungry Howie's Pizza Menu

Create Pizzas
Original or Thin Crust$6.00Medium
Original or Thin Crust$8.00Large
Deep Dish$10.00Large
Gluten Free$7.00Small
Create Pizza Toppings
Original or Thin Crust$1.49Medium
Original, Thin Crust or Deep Dish$1.79Large
Specialty Pizzas
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)$6.00Junior
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)$8.00Small
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)$11.00Medium
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)$15.00Large
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original)$18.00X-Large
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Deep Dish)$17.00Large
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Gluten Free)$11.00Small
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$5.00Junior
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$7.00Small
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)$10.00Medium
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust)$13.00Large
Buffalo Chicken (Original)$16.00X-Large
Buffalo Chicken (Deep Dish)$15.00Large
Buffalo Chicken (Gluten Free)$10.00Small
Howie Special (Original)$10.00Junior
Howie Special (Original)$9.00Small
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust)$12.00Medium
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust)$16.00Large
Howie Special (Original)$19.00X-Large
Howie Special (Deep Dish)$18.00Large
Howie Special (Gluten Free)$12.00Small
Works (Original)$10.00Junior
Works (Original)$11.00Small
Works (Original or Thin Crust)$14.00Medium
Works (Original or Thin Crust))$18.00Large
Works (Original)$20.00X-Large
Works (Deep Dish)$20.00Large
Works (Gluten Free)$14.00Small
Howie Maui (Original)$10.00Junior
Howie Maui (Original)$7.00Small
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust)$10.00Medium
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust)$13.00Large
Howie Maui (Original)$16.00X-Large
Howie Maui (Deep Dish)$15.00Large
Howie Maui (Gluten Free)$10.00Small
Meat Eaters (Original)$10.00Junior
Meat Eaters (Original)$8.00Small
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust)$11.00Medium
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust)$15.00Large
Meat Eaters (Original)$18.00X-Large
Meat Eaters (Deep Dish)$17.00Large
Meat Eaters (Gluten Free)$11.00Small
Veggie (Original)$10.00Junior
Veggie (Original)$9.00Small
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust)$12.00Medium
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust)$16.00Large
Veggie (Original)$19.00X-Large
Veggie (Deep Dish)$18.00Large
Veggie (Gluten Free)$12.00Small
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)$10.00Junior
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)$7.00Small
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust)$10.00Medium
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust)$13.00Large
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original)$16.00X-Large
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Deep Dish)$15.00Large
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Gluten Free)$10.00Small
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)$10.00Junior
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)$10.00Small
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust)$13.00Medium
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust)$17.00Large
Philly Cheese Steak (Original)$19.00X-Large
Philly Cheese Steak (Deep Dish)$19.00Large
Philly Cheese Steak (Gluten Free)$13.00Small
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)$10.00Junior
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)$8.00Small
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust)$11.00Medium
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust)$15.00Large
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original)$18.00X-Large
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Deep Dish)$17.00Large
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Gluten Free)$11.00Small
Pepperoni Plus (Original)$10.00Junior
Pepperoni Plus (Original)$10.00Small
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust)$13.00Medium
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust)$17.00Large
Pepperoni Plus (Original)$19.00X-Large
Pepperoni Plus (Deep Dish)$19.00Large
Pepperoni Plus (Gluten free)$13.00Small
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)$10.00Junior
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)$9.00Small
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust)$12.00Medium
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust)$16.00Large
Meat Eaters Plus (Original)$19.00X-Large
Meat Eaters Plus (Deep Dish)$18.00Large
Meat Eaters Plus (Gluten Free)$12.00Small
Deluxe Italian$4.99Regular
Deluxe Italian$6.99Large
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom$4.99Regular
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom$6.99Large
Pizza Calzone$4.99Regular
Pizza Calzone$6.99Large
Pizza Deluxe$4.99Regular
Pizza Deluxe$6.99Large
Turkey or Turkey Club$4.99Regular
Turkey or Turkey Club$6.99Large
Ham & Cheese$4.99Regular
Ham & Cheese$6.99Large
Veggie Calzone$4.99Regular
Veggie Calzone$6.99Large
Howie Bread
3 Cheeser Bread$4.99Regular (16 Pc.)
Asiago Bread$3.99Regular (16 Pc.)
Cinnamon Bread$3.99Regular (16 Pc.)
Cajun Bread$3.99Regular (16 Pc.)
Howie Bread$3.99Regular (16 Pc.)
Antipasto Salad$5.99Regular
Antipasto Salad$7.99Large
Greek Salad$5.99Regular
Greek Salad$7.99Large
Chef Salad$5.99Regular
Chef Salad$7.99Large
Garden Salad$5.99Regular
Garden Salad$7.99Large
Chicken Asiago Salad$5.99Regular
Chicken Asiago Salad$7.99Large
Chicken Caesar Salad$5.99Regular
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.99Large
Howie Wings
Original, BBQ, Buffalo or Asian Flavors
Wings or Boneless Wings$7.4910 Pc.
Wings or Boneless Wings$14.4920 Pc.
Howie Rolls
Chicken Howie Roll$3.99Regular
Pepperoni Howie Roll$3.50Regular
Steak Howie Roll$3.99Regular
Soft Drink$1.5920 oz.
Soft Drink$2.592 Liters
Aquafina Water$1.5920 oz.
Dipping Sauce$0.59Cup
Black or Green Olives$0.59
Mild Peppers$0.59

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