Girasol Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest Girasol prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Girasol Menu

Prickly Pear Fruit & Mint Agua Fresca 
Prickly Pear Fruit & Mint Mimosa 
Bottomless Mimosas & Bellinis 
Bread Pudding French Toast seasonal berries, maple syrup
Two Eggs Any Style crispy kennenbeck potatoes, niman ranch bacon, arugula, house toast
Steak And Eggs crispy kennenbeck potatoes, arugula, house toast
House Made Chicken Apple Sausage With Wild Fennel two eggs, lentils, house bread
Maine Lobster Benedict sautéed greens, poached eggs, lobster hollandaise, lobster butter toasted bread, arugula salad
House Smoked Salmon bonito crème fraîche, arugula,lemon, caper, crostini
Strawberry & Bellwether Farms Ricotta Crepes fresh market strawberry coulis, mint
Grilled Octopus Gazpacho tomatillo, cucumber, avocado
Oysters prosecco mionette
Fruit Plate assortment of seasonal fruit, pine sugar
Market Pears & Burrata crispy lentils, shiso, basil, forrest floor vinaigrette
Coastal Farms Cherry Tomatoes marinated local tomatoes, cactus "ice", market basil
Shrimp & Weiser Farms Melon chili-crusted grilled shrimp, concord grapes, ca bay leaf, radish, lime
Long Roasted Pumpkin fuyu persimmon, condensed buttermilk, raw walnut, ca juniper, sherry vin
Marinated & Grilled Pork Satay caramelized onion purée, ca olive oil, grilled lemon, fennel pollen
Dried Fava Bean Purée house chorizo, cherry tomato, parsley, grilled flatbread
Grilled House Ground Meatballs lemon thyme, sun gold tomato sauce
Beets & Berries whipped soledad goat cheese, leafy herbs, hazelnut
Octopus Salad long roasted eggplant, little gem, rosemary ash oil, sweet & sour chili, toasted lovage
Hamachi sea beans, mouse melon, finger lime, white fir and wild sorrel broth
Ca "Cioppino" tomato lobster broth, mussels, shrimp, local fish, fennel pollen, grilled bread
Whole Roasted Maitake Mushroom roasted tamai farms cauliflower, mandarin, almond cauliflower puree, lentils
Alaskan King Salmon farro "grits", pea shoots, season citrus
Whole Fried Red Snapper crispy greens, citrus, sauce of fermented fresno chili, kumquat and sorrel
Pan Roasted MaryÂ’s Chicken heirloom beans, endive, citrus-herb jus
Grilled Pork Loin & Agrodolce grilled pork loin & agrodolce forrest floor roasted apple, cider jus
Slow Roasted Lamb Ragout herb gnocchi, plum, beech mushroom, crispy herbs
Crispy Duck Confit lentils, mushroom, huckleberry, charred wild ca juniper
14oz Grilled NY Prime Steak seasonal salsa 42
House Baked Bread lovage butter
Caramelized Onion & Quince Soup shaved apple, bleu cheese fritter
Sautéed Greens sherry, chili, honey, hazelnut
Smashed Potato sonoma dry jack cheese, crispy garlic, chive
Oysters prosecco mignonette
Chocolate Brownie Cake salted caramel gelato, sablé cookie, chocolate pudding
Plums & Panna Cotta local marinated plums, soledad goat cheese panna cotta, puff buckwheat & buckwheat honey
Fresh Strawberries & Donuts house-made buttermilk donuts, crème fraîche ice cream, pistachio coulis & sorrel
Warm CA Date Toffee Cake caramel, house crème fraiche, marinated flower petals
Specialty Cocktails
Sorrel Pine Gimlet st. george terroir gin fresh lime, sorrel pine syrup
Apple Walnut Old Fashioned bulleit rye germain robin apple brandy kuchan nocino walnut liqueur forbidden bitters
Watermelon-Pisco Shrub kappa pisco, serrano chile, fresh watermelon & lemon juice, fresh basil, watermelon-balsamic syrup
Honey Fennel Sparkling Sour hangar one vodka, lemon honey syrup, fennel bitters, prosecco
Ginger-Grapefruit Fix plata tequila, ginger liqueur, del maguey vida mezcal, fresh lime & grapefruit
Blackberry Kumquat Daisy slow hand white whiskey blackberry, lemon, kumquat carpano antica, peychaudÂ’s bitters
Kina-Herb "Daiquiri" Martin icrusoe rum, green chartreuse, kina lÂ’avion, fresh lime

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