Eat The Rich Menu and Prices

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  • Cuisine: Seafood

Below is a list of the latest Eat The Rich prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Eat The Rich Menu

Raw Bar
1 Doz. Clams olde salts
1 Doz. Oysters rappahannock, stingray, olde salts.
Redneck Laundry caviar with route 11 potato chips. trout roe or bowfish
1 Doz. Clams$11.00olde salts
1 Doz. Oysters$21.00rappahannock, stingray, olde salts.
Redneck Laundry$20.00 - $30.00caviar with route 11 potato chips
Soft Boil Hen Egg$6.00with an oyster and toast points
Grand Chesapeake Boil$38.00seafood, smoked garlic sausage, new potatoes, cauliflower, coddled eggs, grilled bread and aïoli
WatermenÂ’s Remedy$15.00shellfish broth with seafood dumplings and squid ink noodles
JanssonÂ’s Temptation$7.00kennebec potatoes baked in cream, salted anchovies and caramelized onion
Scallops$19.00rutabaga, little onions and sour cream
Fleece And Beans$17.00lamb shank simmered in black eyed peas, turnips and lamb sausage with greens
Industry Happy Hour
Boh And O natty bo 16oz and old overholt shot
Neither Hot Nor Cold
Beach And Beans clams, grilled squid, pickled mackerel, oil poached albacore tuna and black-eyed peas
Brandade smooth salt cod with walnuts and grilled bread
Rapa Whelks in their shell with j.o. mayo
Cauliflower Polonaise brown butter, lemon, toasted bread crumbs and hard boiled egg
Beets And Greens roasted beets, winter lettuces, toasted marcona almonds and meyer lemon dressing
Pickled Herring with la ratte potatoes and sour cream
Cauliflower Polonaise$8.00brown butter, lemon, toasted bread crumbs and boiled egg
Sweet NÂ’ Sour King Blackfish$11.00fennel, red onion, cappers new & blue potatoes
Rapa Whelks$15.00in their shells with j.o. mayo
Chöwderhead leek & potato soup with fish collar, cheek, steamed clams, salted pork jowl and barely poached oysters
Fish Pie swordfish, scallops and shrimp in a savory pastry with pickles
Swordfish To The Face grilled swordfish, smoked pork-sausage, sauerkraut and north carolina head-on shrimp
Mennonite Leg Of Lamb scarlet turnips, parsnips and grilled oysters
Vermillion Snapper For Two stuffed with root vegetables and toasted bread on wilted winter greens
Scallops rutabaga, little onions and sour cream
Jansson's Temptation kennebec potatoes baked in cream, salted anchovies and caramelized onion
Side Of Grilled Bread 
Cheese parsley & horseradish havarti with fig marmalade on grilled bread
Pear Grunt honey & vanilla stewed bosc pears, currants and a buckwheat biscuit
Montgomery Pie layered molasses and lemon cake with virginia peanut gelato
Sweet $8
Apple & Cranberry Grunt honey-stewed apples, cranberries and a buckwheat biscuit
Cheese parsley and horseradish havarti with roasted quince
Montgomery Pie layered sorghum and lemon cake with virginia peanut gelato
Oyster Shooters
Shoot An Oyster, Save The Bay. One Dollar From Every Oyster Shooter Goes To Support The Oyster Recovery PartnershipÂ’s Efforts To Protect The Chesapeake Bay.
The Chessie$6.00rappahannock oyster, aylesbury duck vodka, housemade clamato
Oyster Back$6.00rappahannock oyster, pickle juice, old overhold rye whiskey
Shuck And Pluck$4.00rappahannock oyster, mini bud light can
Pitcher Cocktails
Bloody Caesar$35.00aylesbury duck vodka, housemade clamato
Drink The Mimosa$29.00orange juice and sparkling wine
Black Velvet$30.00sparkling wine and flying dog "pearl necklace" oyster stout
Greyhound Or Salty Dog$34.00your choice of aylesbury duck vodka or plymouth gin w/ fresh squeezed grapefruit juice salty dog has salted rim
Hollowed Apple$42.00fidencio mezcal, apple shrub, lime, spicy bitters
Draft Beers
Bud Light$4.00
Flying Dog "Pearl Necklace" Oyster Stout$5.00md
DevilÂ’s Backbone "Eight Point" IPA$7.00va
Three Stars "Citra & Lemon Peel" Session Saison$8.00dc
Beers In Their Natural Habit
Natty Bo$3.00md
Union Craft "Balt Altbier"$6.50md
BrewerÂ’s Art "Ozzy" Belgian$6.50md
Stillwater "Classique" Saison$7.00md
Blue Mountain Barrel House "Steel Wheels"$6.50extra special bitter, va
Sparkling Wines By The Glass
Marsuret Prosecco$9.00it
Marcel-Martin Cremant De Loire$12.00fr
Oudinot Brut Champagne$16.00fr
White Wines
Branger Fils De Gras Moutons Muscadet Sevre-Et Maine$7.00fr 2012
Legado Del Conde Albarino$9.00sp 2012
Lamblin Chablis$11.00fr 2011. because kathy morgan says so!
Red Wines
Basty Regnie Cru Beaujolais$7.00fr 2011
Corregia Anthos Braccheto$9.00it 2011
Familia Zuccardi "Serie A" Bonarda$9.00ar 2011

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