DC Dives Food Truck Menu and Prices

Below is a list of the latest DC Dives Food Truck prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

DC Dives Food Truck Menu

The Show Dog$6.75deep fried smoked chicken and apple sausage wrapped in turkey bacon with grilled onion, green peppers,and scrambled eggs and cheese on a soft potato roll
Urban Decay$8.50a lamb and beef burger slowly grilled with roasted garlic, fried spinach, spicy mustard, grilled onions, and provolone cheese on a fresh cheesy bun
Glam Burger$7.50a chicken and turkey burger seasoned with grilled green peppers, onions, pepper jack cheese, fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and a splash of honey mustard
Dirty Dogg$5.95a hot turkey smoked sausage accented by our secret chili and beansÂ…and nobody does it better !!!.
Junkyard Dog$6.50your choice of either a deep fried beef or turkey sausage with nacho cheese potato chips and salsa on a fresh potatoes roll.
Barking Dog$7.50a deep fried chicken andouille sausage served on a pretzel roll with cream cheese jalapenos, and chives
Straight Out The Ocean$8.99fresh tilapia fish fried and served on a soft grilled bun that's been brushed with olive oil and khalani's secret sauce. also, sweet onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and green peppers are added for that
Straight Out The Ocean$9.99with fries
No Beeks Allowed$6.505 fried chicken wing portions served with khalani's special honey garlic sauce
No Beeks Allowed$7.50with fries
The Shy Dog$6.50a halal beef dog served on a poppy seed roll, accented with sports peppers, neon relish, a wedge of tomato, grilled onions, celery salt, and spicy mustard
Dog In My Yard$7.50a veggie dog accented with coleslaw, mustard, onion, tomato, jalapeno, and green pepper
Dog In My Yard$8.50with fries
All Dogs Go To Heaven$5.50a halal beef dog served on a honey wheat roll with mustard relish, onions, and ketchup
All Dogs Go To Heaven$6.50with fries
Dog On A Leash$6.75a turkey smoke dog covered with our secret chili, sweet onions, and mustard
Dog On A Leash$7.75with fries
Atomic Dog$7.50a jerk chicken dog wrapped in turkey bacon, covered in our secret chili, and served with coleslaw
Atomic Dog$8.50with fries
Patty Cakes$8.50a bison beef burger with spicy mustard, jewish deli pickles, pepper jack cheese, sweet onions, and served on a honey wheat roll
Patty Cakes$9.50with fries
Anything But Real Burger$7.50a veggie burger run through the garden
Anything But Real Burger$8.50with fries
Weekend Specials
Chicken And Waffles$8.50boneless chicken tenders and khalani's secret cinnamon waffles help you get the day started.
Khalani's French Toast, Eggs, And Bacon$6.50the breakfast of champions!
Big Breakfast Sandwich$4.50all the breakfast essentials on a bun! you'll love it!
Fish, Eggs, And Grits$6.99need i say more?
Khalani's Sides
All Five Toes In That Salad Khalani's$3.50one of a kind mouthwatering potato salad
The Sun On My Garden$3.50freshly fried spinach seasoned with olive oil and garlic
Fried Collard Greens$4.50fresh collard greens fried with khalani's special seasoning! nuff said!
Khalani's Super Power$2.50french fries the fries like none other!
Cut It Out Cornbread$1.00cornbread made from scratch that will melt in your mouth!
Coffee$3.00keep the pep in your step without the caffeine crash! try our organic blends of coffee!
Tea Mellow$2.50out with an organic special tea that is not only soothing but delicious!
Hot Cocoa$2.50it doesn't matter who you are - you probably love cocoa! try our organic cocoa, the taste is superb!
Beer$5.00(friday and saturday only) after a hard week, a cold beer can be the perfect choice to complete one of our unique meals!
Wine$7.00(friday and saturday only) enjoy a glass of wine with us as we celebrate the weekend
Yummy Tummy Water$2.50healthy, refreshing water that will change your waistline and your life.

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