Craftsteak Menu and Prices

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Below is a list of the latest Craftsteak prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Craftsteak Menu

First Courses - Row Bar
South Bay NY Littleneck Clam$3.00
Long Isalnd NY Top Neck Clam$3.00
First Courses - Oysters East Coast
Barron Point$3.00
Glidden Poind$3.00
Beau Soleil$3.00
Mermaio Strait$3.00
First Courses - West Coast
Fanny Bay$3.00
Royal Miyagi$3.00
Yaquina Bay$3.00
First Courses - Seafood Tasting
First Courses - Chilled and Marinated
Yellowfin Tuna, Watermelon Heirloom Tomato and Thai Basil$19.00
Hamacbi, Pineapple, Lavender and Radish$18.00
Salmon, Melon and Star Anise Gastrique$14.00
Marinated French Sardines$14.00
Calamari, Black Olive and Celery Hearts$12.00
Diver Sea Scallops, Corn Pickled Beet and Tarragon$21.00
Maine Shrimp Cocktail$18.00
Chilled Maine Lobster$28.00
First Courses - Salads
Mixed Lettuce$12.00
Local Mache$16.00
Baby BIbb$14.00
Baby Romaine Caesar$15.00
Arugula, Fennel and Bottarga$15.00
Baby Beet$16.00
Fava Bean$15.00
First Courses - Charcuterie
American Prosciutto$18.00
Fole Gras Torchon$24.00
Wagyu Tartare$22.00
Japanese Wagyu Carpaccio$30.00
First Courses - Hot
Maine Crab Fondue$20.00
Peruivian Octopus$17.00
Pork Belly$16.00
Foie Gras$25.00
Fried Bone Marrow$19.00
Main Courses
Main Courses - Corn- Fed
28 Day - New York Strip - Nebraska$50.00dry aged in house
42 Day New York Strip - Nebraska$53.00dry aged in house
56 Day New York Strip - Nebraska$56.00dry aged in house
New York Strip - Niman Ranch, California$39.00
New York Strip - Pine Ridge Farm Maine$39.00
Filet Mignon - Nebraska$32.00 - $45.00
Hanger Steak - Nebraska$35.00
Ribye - Niman Ranch, California$52.00
Main Courses - Grass - Fed
New York Strip - Montana Ranch, Montana$48.00
New York Strip - Parker Ranch, Hawaii$52.00
Ribeye - Painted ILils Firm, Oregan$55.00
Main Courses - For The Table
Corn - Fed Porterhouse - Nebraska$120.00
Ribeye For Two - Brash Beef, California$110.00
Main Courses - Wagyu
Skirt Steak - Snake River Farm, Idaho$69.00
Ribeye - Snake River Firm Ideho$105.00
New York Strip - Strabe Ranch, Texas$102.00
New York Strip - Miyazaki, Japan$0.00
Main Courses - Roasted
Fam Chicken$28.00
Muscovy Duck$28.00
Main Courses - Braised
Beef Short Rib$29.00
Lamb Shank$29.00
Main Courses - Fish
Roasted Wild Striped Bass$30.00
Roasted Kind Salmon$32.00
Side Dishes - Vegetables
Roasted California Asparagus$12.00
Roasted Baby Carrots$10.00
Roasted Tokyo Turnips$10.00
Side Dishes - Braised
Fava Beans$11.00
Baby Zucchini$13.00
Baby Fennel$12.00
Collard Greens$10.00
Side Dishes - Sauteed
Local Beans$10.00
Lambs Quarters$10.00
Swiss Cilard$10.00
Side Dishes - Fried
Texas Onion Rings$10.00
Side Dishes - Gratin
Sweet Corn$12.00
Side Dishes - Pasta
Ricotta Cappelletti Sherry and Speck$16.00
Side Dishes - Mushrooms
Roasted - Oyster$13.00
Roasted Baby Shiitake$13.00
Roasted Hen of The Woods$16.00
Roasted Velvet Piopini$16.00
Roasted Trompette Royale$14.00
Roasted Chanterelle$22.00
Roasted Mixed$22.00
Truffles Summer Truffle Vinaigrette$12.00
Side Dishes - Potatoes
Yukon Gold Puree$11.00
Side Dishes - Grains and Rice
Summer Vegetable Risotto$16.00
Cheese Grits and Red Wine- Poached New Egg$13.00

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