Bowls and Rolls by Umekes Menu and Prices

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Below is a list of the latest Bowls and Rolls by Umekes prices that includes individual items, sides, and combo meals. Just scroll down and you can see the rest of the menu and prices yourself!

Bowls and Rolls by Umekes Menu

Avo Ahi With HoÂ’io Salad and White Rice With Furikake$12.48
Umekes Poke Bombs$10.42Poke bombs are cone sushi topped with a variety of poke. Umekes won the sam choy poke competition because of these little bad boy bombs
Beef Bowl with Crab and Broccoli Salad$9.99Pulehu beef bowl with 2 scoops rice and a side of crab and broccoli salad
Big Boy Bowl$23.99Big boy bowl at umekes is for those who want more of umekes goodness, featuring two scoops rice, two sides and two choices of poke. Big boy bowls are for those who want to share or for boys with big
Teriyaki Chicken, Cucumber KimChee, Quinoa$9.99Sweet teriyaki chicken cooked with just the right amount of sauce and tenderness mixed with healthy grain quinoa and cucumber kimchee to give some heat
Grilled Ahi, Spicy Crab Salad, White Rice$10.99Grilled ahi with spicy crab salad with white rice remember that white rice comes with the bowl however if you want brown rice it is and additional $0.50 And if you want quinoa it is an additional $1.
Lito Weapon, Seaweed Salad, White Rice$12.48Lito weapon is mean and powerful combined with seaweed salad creates an invincible lunch or dinner for one. Come on by and add either white, brown rice or even quinoa. White rice come with the poke
Sashimi Block Freshly sliced sashimi slabs with wasabi goes nicely with your super cold beer after pau work
Special Poke Platters
Poke Boat 
Ahi Poke Platters 
Umekes Tako 
Garlic Edamame 
Crab Salad 
Cucumber Kim Chee 
Hoio Salad 
Spicy Korean Shrimp 
Lomi Lomi Salmon 
Spicy Crab Salad 
Seaweed Salad 
Braddah Pops$2.50
Dessert Poppers$3.00
Umekes Poke 808 Assorted Juices and Drinks$1.50
Umekes Poke 808 Hawaiian Water$1.50
Umekes Poke 808 Assorted Beverages$2.00Gatorade, monster, coconutwater, cappucino, greentea all at various prices and cold to quench your thirst
Arizona Ice Tea$3.00
Umekes Lemonade$5.00
Cherry Cola$0.96

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